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News & Notifications

During the planning and scheduling stage things can change on a weekly basis and we want to keep you informed.

Throughout the year we will publish on-line a Newsletter twice a year one in December and another in May.

Keep looking at this page for news as it happens.

We hope to have our usual launch on Queen Victoria's birthday at the end of May with a 'Birthday Ball.'

If you want to add to our next newsletter which will be available on 1st December please contact me at

[email protected]

We will also be having various fund raisers through the year.


The story of Marie Curie

Booked for 2022

 Award-winning Alison Neil's rivetting plays about extraordinary women from history have enchanted audiences up and down the country for many years.

Her latest tells the story of Marie Curie; a stunningly talented Polish girl who became one of the most famous scientists in the world - breaking through all the restrictions placed on women at the time. Her amazing discovery of two new elements, with her beloved husband Pierre Curie, is a well-loved story. Her subsequent turbulent private life, and spectacular work during World War 1 is perhaps less well known but equally fascinating.

Alison Neil is a story-teller second to none...and Marie Curie's amazing life is a story worth telling.


Back by popular demand in 2022 the 'Caribbean Night' which was so popular and sold out in 2018.

Authentic Steel Drum Band, limbo dancing competition.

Calypso Music.

And Chef Murdock's authentic 


This will be a sell out event


Steampunk is coming in 2022

Steampunk has been around as long as the Victorians themselves, even if it wasn't called Steampunk at the time.

In 2012 the opening ceremony of the London Olympics was Steampunk based where a sudden surge came from.

The world of Steampunk is a fantasy world that imagines life today but using the steam powered technology of the Victorian Era.

So for 2022 the Victorian Festival will embrace the Steampunk culture.

If you wish to help us then please contact us.y.