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Coming in 2022 (Balls & Other Events)


Steampunk Fusion

Hotel Commodore, Wednesday 24th August 2022

Back by popular demand in 2022 the 'Caribbean Night' which was so popular and sold out in 2018.

Authentic Steel Drum Band, limbo dancing competition.

Calypso Music.

And Chef Murdock's authentic


This will be a sell out event


Saturday, 27th August, Hotel Commodore


Tickets £15

Tea Dance (The Dansant)

The Victorian tea dance started in 1840 with Lady Ann the Duchess of Belford. She would grow faint midday between breakfast and dinner. Lady Ann began having a spot of tea and a biscuit in the afternoon. Before long she was inviting friends to join her.

Join us at the Hotel Commodore at 3pm on Thursday, 25th August, Victorian costume essential. Fantastic high tea and dancing.


Torchlight Parade

& Grand Fireworks Display

Torchlight Parade to start at Temple Gardens at 8.30pm, a gentle walk of around 20 minutes to the Lakeside for the grand fireworks display starting at 9pm. Then off to bed with you all! It's late and you have got it all to do again tomorrow at the Community Day.

Victorian Etiquette Ball

Etiquette must prevail and Victorian evening dress is essential. Deluxe canapés will be part of this eventful evening, served at the table.

Bookings are limited to 60 guests - so book early.

Hotel Commodore

Saturday, 27th August 8.00pm - Tickets £15

Dance Workshop

Balls Victorian Era: Victorian Balls were formal occasions where many people, mostly from the upper classes mingled with each other, mostly for the prospect of an engagement. Balls during the Victorian Era were intimately planned events with no room for any mistake. To get you ready for the Grand Victorian Ball there will be a workshop at the Commodore Hotel

on Wednesday  24th August 2022 at 11am

"Lets Get Together Evening Soiree"

Monday, 22nd August, 7.30pm at Commodore.

Tickets £12.50

"Getting to know you, getting to know all about you.

Getting to like you, getting to hope you like me."

A chance for friends and well-wishers to get together, chat with and entertain each other, dress is optional.

Sumptuous buffet provided