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Steampunk has been around as long as the Victorian themselves, even if it wasn't called Steampunk at the time. In 2012, the opening ceremony of the British Olympics was Steampunk based, which is possibly where the sudden surge came from; although it has been simmering away for 200 years. The world of Steampunk is a fantasy world that imagines life today but using the steam-powered technology of the Victorian era. It invents a reality of eccentric inventions and fanciful clockwork accessories with Steampunk literature, art, and movies offering a re-imagining of society the way it might have evolved had history taken a different path and given us a world without electricity, the combustion engine and the technology that we take granted today.

So this year the Victorian Festival will be embracing the Steampunk culture.

We really need the Steampunk fraternity to help us organise Steampunk events that can capture the imagination.

Can you help? If so please join us.

See the contact page for details