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If you or your company would like to sponsor any of these acts with the publicity involved please contact us and support the Victorian Festival 

Mr Dickens is Coming!

A light-hearted and varied look at the life and character of Charles Dickens. Gerald uses scenes from the great author’s works, diary extracts and observations from those who knew and worked with him. With its fresh and modern perspective, Mr Dickens is Coming! has always proved a popular show.


The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby

Inspired by the RSC’s 8-hour of Nicholas Nickleby, Gerald’s version packs the plot into just one hour.

Travelling with Nicholas across the country we meet some of Charles Dickens’ greatest characters: Wackford Squeers, Smike, Vincent Crummles, Newman Noggs, Sir Mulberry Hawk and many others. Nicholas Nickleby shows Charles Dickens off to his theatrical best.

Albert Hall, Tuesday 23rd August 2022 - £15

7.30pm for 8.00pm

"Shining (Glowing) Bright"

Albert Hall, Thursday 25th August 2022 - £15

7.30pm for 8.00pm

"This mesmerically gifted actress, destined to delight audiences wherever she tours."

Award-winning Alison Neil's rivetting plays about extraordinary women from history have enchanted audiences up and down the country for many years.

Her latest tells the story of Marie Curie; a stunningly talented Polish girl who became one of the most famous scientists in the world - breaking through all the restrictions placed on women at the time. Her amazing discovery of two new elements, with her beloved husband Pierre Curie, is a well-loved story. Her subsequent turbulent private life, and spectacular work during World War 1 is perhaps less well known but equally fascinating.

Alison Neil is a story-teller second to none...and Marie Curie's amazing life is a story worth telling.

"John Babbcombe Lee - The Man they could not hang"

Radnorshire Museum, 11am, Wednesday 24th August 2022

I hope you all enjoyed David Littler's talk about Dr Crippen at the 2021 festival.

David will be back in 2022 and is already researching the topic.

It will be back at the Radnorshire Museum.

John Babbacombe Lee. The man they could not hang; 3 times his head was put into the noose and 3 times the trap door failed to open

He was convicted of murdering his employer but there was more than a suspicion that he was innocent but as a petty thief it went against him

I first heard about him in the early 1970's when the folkrock group Fairport Convention brought out an album of songs about him.

Donations at the door.